Thank you to so many collaborators that helped make this course possible and great:

The Museum at FIT & Archives Staff — for facilitating our research and efforts related to digitization of sketches that are housed at the Museum at FIT Archives.

Valarie Steele, Director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology for her overall enthusiasm, support and partnership.

Colleen Hill, Curator of costume and accessories at the Museum at FIT in New York for her original research and scholarship that is unique to this platform.

Adam Hayes, Collection Management Assistant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for his partnership, professionalism, and his friendship throughout the duration of this project. Also, I’d like to acknowledge Adam’s innumerable hours and tremendous effort researching the collection, providing support for the care and storage of the collection, photography and photo editing, and teaching assistance.

Greg Früchtnicht-Ponchak for programming and designing this amazing web-based research resource.

Guest Lecturer, Cynthia Amneus – Interim Chief Curator and Curator of Fashion Arts and Textiles, Cincinnati Art Museum

DAAP Library GA, Pauline Archambault – In Pauline’s capacity as Graduate Assistant for the DAAP Library, Pauline worked closely with Elizabeth Meyer on the database portion of this project

The Cincy Art Museum Experts (Chief Curator of CAM and Curator of Costume and Textiles-Cynthia Amneus; CAM IT Director-Brian Campbell; CAM Photographer-Rob Deslongchamps; CAM Textile Conservator-Chandra Obie; CAM Registrar-Jay Pattison; CAM Photography Curator-Brian Sholis; and CAM Marketing Master-Jessica Stringfield)

DAAP Library GA, Christopher Campbell – While Christopher studied for, and eventually received, an MS Arch degree from the DAAP the School of Architecture. In his capacity os Graduate Assistant for the DAAP Library, Christopher worked closely with Jennifer Krivickas and other members of our course and project team to draft the UC Forward grant proposal

Guest Lecturer, David C. Conzett – Curator, History Collections & Fine Art, Department of History Objects & Fine Art, Cincinnati Museum

Exhibition planning & assistance: Aaron Cowan – Director, DAAP Galleries, UC

Photography & printing assistance: Michael Everett – DAAP Photo Lab Supervisor, College of DAAP, UC

Studio photography & photo editor: Michael Edelman – DAAP School of Art first-year photography major, College of DAAP, UC

Studio photography lighting: Maureen France – Associate Professor & Chair of Graphic Design Dept, DAAP School of Design, College of DAAP, UC

DAAP Library visual resources intern, Francesco Gasco – In Francesco’s capacity as Intern for the DAAP Library visual resources, Francesco worked closely with Elizabeth Meyer on the database portion of this project. Francesco has an Masters of Art History & Preservation with a specialization in ancient books from Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy

Duck Tape supplier: Joe Girandola, Associate Professor & Director of Fine Arts Graduate Studies, DAAP School of Art, College of DAAP, UC

Niehoff Urban Studio & Community Design Center & Kelly A Gregg, Niehoff Program Coordinator & Project Manager, (DAAP), University of Cincinnati

Website assistance: Lisa Haitz – Software Apps Developer, UC Libraries, UC

Guest Lecturer, Injoo Kim – Associate Professor, Fashion Design, School of Design, College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati

Guest Lecturer, Elizabeth Meyer – Visual Resources Librarian, DAAP Library, College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati

Guest Lecturer, Chandra Obie – Textile Conservator, Cincinnati Art Museum

Guest Lecturer, Vincent Sansalone – Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Foundations, School of Architecture & Interior Design, College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati

Guest Lecturer, George Sarofeen – Associate Professor, Fashion Design, School of Design, College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati

Field Trip Guide, Gayle Strege, Curator, Historic Costume & Textiles Collection, The Ohio State University (OSU)

Guest Lecturer, Tony Tiemeyer, 1stdibs Dealer, Gallerist (Evolution 1645) of Vintage and Designer Fashions, Stylist, Fashion Historian and contributor to Stiff Upper Lip Editorial.

Studio photography lighting: Tony Walsh – Photographer and Instructor, DAAP-School of Design

Guest Lecturer, Elissa Yancy – Associate Professor of Journalism, College of Arts & Science, University of Cincinnati

Special thanks to Dillard’s for lending us mannequins for photo shoots

Special thanks to Wendy Foster at Macy’s for lending us the mannequin for  photo shoots

Special thanks to UC Forward, the College of DAAP, UC Libraries, and DAAP School of Design for project support

Special thanks to the DAAP School of Design/Fashion Design Instructors and the DAAP Visual Resources Librarian who collaborated with Jennifer on the initial UC Forward Grant and teaching of the inaugural semester:

Elizabeth Meyer – After receiving her Art History BA from the University of Cincinnati, Elizabeth went on to pursue her Master of Library Science from Indiana University. She held a position as a Public Services Librarian at the Art Institute of California – Orange County and then returned to UC in 2004 to become the Visual Resources Librarian for University of Cincinnati Libraries. In the context of this course and project, Elizabeth taught students how to catalogue images using  VRA/Dublin Core base metadata schema and Getty Vocabularies.

Hanna Hall – Associate Professor of Design and Academic Coordinator of Fashion Design, DAAP School of Design, UC.

George Sarofeen – George is an Associate Professor in the School of Design, Fashion Design Program. George received his MFA from the University of Cincinnati. Along with his knowledge of the history of costumes, George teaches courses related to design methodology and woven fabrics. In the context of this course, George served as fashion expert and taught students about Bonnie Cashin, garment construction and terminology, and pattern analysis.


Thank you all from the course instructor, Jennifer Krivickas

I am the Primary Investigator (PI) of the UC Forward Grant that has generously funded this course, the primary instructor of the course, and the Head of the Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. I’ve held positions in Harvard’s Widener library and the Yale Center for British Art at Yale University before joining the UC faculty as the Head of the DAAP Library June 1, 2009.