“The whole idea of fashion for fashion’s sake is antiquated”
Vreeland, Diana. “Advertisement: Bonnie Cashin .” Proquest, New York: United States: Condé Nast , search.proquest.com/vogue/docview/897855231/
“I design garments that I could wear all of my life"
“When it comes to design I rather please myself first so I know [then] it is good"
“Clothes must be a part of our individuality"
“I like a costume laid in layers - a striptease in reverse”
“Chic is where you find it”
“Each part is designed to look handsome on its own so the variety is infinite”
“I don’t care what happens if you learn from it, the only thing I don’t like is if you refuse to learn from it”
“I adore the future (and the conjecture to me is very fun. I love to think how it’ll look 100,000 years from now)”
“I like dressing an independent woman who has a brain, who really has life, who’s alive, who has a light burning inside of her”
“If you wait too long, someone else thinks of it eventually”
interview with Mildred Finger for the Oral History Library of the Fashion Institute of Technology. May 26, 1982
"If you feel uncomfortable in a look, it’s wrong for you"
Vogue Archive, Page 2
“Let them be copyists. Let us be better”
“The moment you think of an idea, it is no longer yours exclusively”
“Form Should Follow Function”